Legal Care


Email:  legalcare@midmosamaritan.org



  • ·        The Legal Care program helps those who cannot otherwise afford legal services to have the opportunity for legal assistance through attorneys who volunteer to provide free or reduced cost legal services and through assistance with court and other costs from the Legal Care fund. 

  • ·        The Legal Care program is a bridge between persons in need and lawyers and mediators willing to assist.  Also volunteer attorneys at the Samaritan Center help persons with pro se (do it  yourself) legal matters.

  • ·        To apply for Legal Care, you must register at the Samaritan Center during public hours (9:30am to Noon, Monday through Thursday and 4:00pm to 6:00 pm Thursday evening).  Assistance with registration is available for persons with disabilities.

  • ·        After a person applies their application is reviewed by the coordinator of the program and referred to a prescreening attorney for a confidential interview.

  • ·        If the applicant is eligible for Legal Care, a referral is made to an attorney or mediator for delivery of legal services.

  • ·        If the applicant is able to pay some of the attorney’s fees or court costs, they may be asked to do so, otherwise the services are free.  Assistance with costs or fees may be paid from the Legal Care fund, if pre-approved.

  • ·        Legal Care will assist with most legal issues except the program does not provide assistance with criminal or traffic violation matters.

  • ·        Legal Care includes mediators and, where appropriate, applicants will be referred for mediation.  Mediators neutrally assist both parties to find an agreed solution.,

  • ·        Legal Care is one of many services offered by the Samaritan Center.  Applicants are viewed holistically and will be referred as appropriate for other Samaritan Center services.