Serving the Poor

The Samaritan Center exists to offer emergency assistance to the poor of Central Missouri. However, the second half of its mission is to also offer the opportunity to those more fortunate in this area to serve the poor.

At the Samaritan Center We believe:
  1. All persons have unique worth and are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. All persons are created equal and thus discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, gender or disability is wrong.
  3. Access to the system of justice is essential to fairness between persons and to the peace and order of society.
  4. Access to basic health care is essential to the well being of individuals and to the community.
  5. Self-help is first. Dependency denies freedom. To the extent of their ability, individuals should be self-reliant. Most of us experience times of dependency. In times of need the first person to help you is you. If you and your family are not able to help you through your time of need, the community through the Samaritan Center is here to help you. Here to help you through the time of need. Here to help you to return to self-reliance.
  6. Productive labor is ennobling to the human spirit and to the community. Individuals have both the right and, to the extent that they are able, the duty to engage in productive work.
  7. Each of us is called to be good stewards of our gifts. Caring for ourselves and our family and sharing with others in time of need.
  8. All are entitled to work in a safe environment.
  9. Joy is as much a part of life as problems. Take time to experience the joy of helping others and give joy to those in need.
  10. Need is cyclical. Each of us experiences it periodically. As a community those that have share with those who have not. Tomorrow those roles may reverse.
  11. Samaritan Center is where helping hands reach needing hands.
  12. We have a duty to prudently steward the resources which the community gives through the Samaritan Center by applying sound business practices to keep administrative costs low and by giving preference to those with the greatest need.

I would like to volunteer at the Samaritan Center and experience the very rewarding work of serving the poor of Central Missouri.

I would like to make a donation to the Samaritan Center and the noble work of supporting the poor of Central Missouri.

I would like to organize a food drive for the Samaritan Center.

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