Services Provided by the Samaritan Center
January - December 2006
Service Jan-December 2006
Average Number of Households Served Each Month


Average Number of People Who Received Food Each Month 3,049
Units of Service/Households Who Received Food/Assistance1 12,6531
Units of Service / People Who Received Food/Assistance1 36,590
Dental Clinic Treatments 715
Medical Clinic Treatments 289
No. of New Clients (Families) 1,304
Car Seats and Cribs 55
Fans 195
Child Care $1,061.00
Eye Glasses $2,861.87
Water $2,488.02
Prescriptions $30,684.88
Rent $31,200.73
Gas/Electric Bills $142,552.70
1This is the total number of food orders and/or other assistance provided. Given that some families receive services more than once a year, the number includes families served more than once. Families may get food once a month. They may receive financial assistance for utility bills once a year.

Quick Facts

Samaritan Center gets food from four sources:

  • 1/3 from the community through local food drives;

  • 1/3 is purchased. Through a private grant the Samaritan Center purchased milk, cheese, tooth brushes and tooth paste totaling $84,644.24. The Samaritan Center spent $186,539.07 from donations in 2004 to buy meat, butter, eggs and other items. The Samaritan Center is the only food pantry in the area that supplements the dry and canned food items with meat and other fresh items; and,

  • 1/3 comes from the food bank (government commodities and Second Harvest items).

We receive no government funding, but rely on donations from churches and the community.

More than 695 people volunteer their time and talent to the work of the Samaritan Center.

The Center is an interfaith agency, supported by more than 42 churches of various denominations.

The Samaritan Center is our local food pantry. All donations go directly to services and stay in our communities.

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